Insight on being ALONE

Here i was trying to figure out a new topic for the day. There are numerous topics running and yet nothing in particular. Can it really be that confusing? Well I guess it is…

Life alone.. Have you ever experienced this?

In a persons living period all of us are alone. Some realize it but some don’t. Just give yourself a moment and think about it. From the day your born till this very moment when you are reading this , have you never been alone? If no , then maybe that is peculiar or your just lucky. If yes , then probably you will relate your experiences to mine.

Maria Isabel Barreno quoted ” It is only alone, truly alone that one bursts apart, spring forth.”

Can you relate to it? I can. When I am alone I can feel different energies around me. There is sadness, anxiety, boredom, happiness, determination, anger, scared, random thoughts and the list can go on. All of these so difficult to suppress sometimes. Why does the mind wander away when one is alone?  I want to be alone but the same time I wish someone could be there to give me a hug and say everything will be ok. But it is during these lonely times I face my fears and strive hard to be strong. It does make me stronger and better.

People in our life are not permanent. They are all a passerby. One day there are with you and next day you cannot see them again. Where are they? You don’t know. Why would they leave? You don’t know. Then you start to question yourself if something is wrong with you or many more. So many unanswered questions yet you move on alone again.

Closings my eyes I can feel all the memories of my life swing by like multiple film tapes. I can see I am alone and I will continue to be alone. As depressing as that sounds, it is not really. In fact it’s a strength. If you are bold enough to conquer your mind , you will develop strength to do things you never would have done. Being alone is not a weakness, it’s a form to make you stand up for yourself. It makes you independent and eventually you will find happiness in it. A happiness and satisfaction you can never find when you are with someone.

Someone quoted ” The hardest walk is walking alone. But if you let it, it’s the walk that can make you the Strongest.”

Be alone one day , conquer your greatest fears and explore the deepest insights in your mind.

I wish all a adventurous upcoming new year.

See ya tomorrow with yet another new topic.

❤ Sai


New hobby

Like all the first timers, here I am attempting a new hobby (blogging). With a day to go by for the year 2015 to end , I have decided to start today. Might wonder why? Everybody starts a new hobby as a part of a new resolution for the new year. But I would like to think apart and start a day earlier. It is different and a good feeling surprisingly. Never been known for keeping my resolutions , so well maybe now I will.

Always dreaming of having my own blog but never felt I was good enough for it. Kept writing them for myself. In the year 2016 , I aim at conquering my deepest fears and moving ahead. This is my first step towards it, small but its a start.

In my upcoming blogs I would be writing my journey through the year in a new place (FYI, moved into a new country recently. So definitely lot of new experiences). Stayed tuned in for more…