New hobby

Like all the first timers, here I am attempting a new hobby (blogging). With a day to go by for the year 2015 to end , I have decided to start today. Might wonder why? Everybody starts a new hobby as a part of a new resolution for the new year. But I would like to think apart and start a day earlier. It is different and a good feeling surprisingly. Never been known for keeping my resolutions , so well maybe now I will.

Always dreaming of having my own blog but never felt I was good enough for it. Kept writing them for myself. In the year 2016 , I aim at conquering my deepest fears and moving ahead. This is my first step towards it, small but its a start.

In my upcoming blogs I would be writing my journey through the year in a new place (FYI, moved into a new country recently. So definitely lot of new experiences). Stayed tuned in for more…


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