A Date

Sitting next to a friend on a winter evening , discussing the day’s college works with him. But she can feel the tingle in her stomach when he is next to her. A unnatural feeling but lovely, something that she never feels when she talks to her other friends. Ahh the tiny crush she had on him is growing. Wondering if he experiences the same. In her dreamland wandering way……its so beautiful. Suddenly was shaken by the strong sturdy voice.

‘ Would you like to go to dinner tomorrow night’ he said.

‘Ya, sure why not’ she replied trying to sound casual and not give away her little secret.

‘Superb! It’s a Date. I shall pick you up at 8.’ he said.

‘A date?’ she asked astounded but excited.

‘Don’t you want to go on a date with me?’ he asked.

A little shaken but jumping in her head she replied ‘ Ya sure. Would love to.’

And that’s when it started ringing in her head…

Crushes and crushes , how she waited for this day.
Terrified as hell but want it all.
The handsome, the charming, the friend,
Finally a date to fall in love.
Hasty to look the best,
But confused more.
Dresses and Dresses,
Why are they all imperfect?
A touch of glaze red lipstick iced on her lips,
Smokey eye shadow and blushed cheeks,
And a hint of the perfect shoes
All dressed up for the best day to fall upon
Naughty mirror flirting with the beautiful girl 
She couldn't be more perfect and lovely.
Waiting for the guy for the perfect evening.
The charming, the prince arrives,
Awed by the sparkle in his eyes.
Dinner is served.
Food is her love,
but she could not take her eyes of him that day.
Comfort as friend, handsome as crush,caring as love
He was all.
To walk by his side and the touch of his hand,
Sending her to a chilling shock.
The day comes to an end,
As sad as it may sound,the peck on the lips and the goodnight,
It was like sparkles and magic.
The most wonderful night of all.

This new year love and be loved. Experience the magic.

Adios my friends

❤ Sai


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