Busy Day

Starts from the previous night when I start planning the entire day. All set to face a day full of different tasks. Sleeping but the number of works keep piling up in my head. Just can’t sleep with thoughts repeating the works again and again in my head. As the night passes by and I am trying fall asleep so that I can wake up early to start my well planned day….. Oh crap!!!!! I’m late!! Why dint the alarm ring?! Ironically alarm always fails when required. Now I’m up and rushing for an appointment I might miss . Running, dressing, trying to not forget things I might miss in a hurry. Off I go taking things hoping I did not forget anything. 

Starts my day 

Traveling and doing all works one after another. Suddenly, there is addition of another job. Why why why? I wonder and curse. But have to get it done. The planner is out trying to squeeze in a time or replace a job with the new found job. The time seems slow sometimes and very fast at times. What’s up with this time? Why does it act like that? But the fact is time doesn’t go fast or slow. But , why does it seem like that? A question I’ll probably never get an answer for. Morning, afternoon, evening….. All gone by without allowing me to take a few minutes of peaceful breathe. I’m done . Exhausted. But the day hasn’t ended yet nor has my work. I continue with the jobs with lesser energy. Encouraging myself at every step. Finally the last job done. 

Dragging my feet I manage to reach my room. And sit down feeling happy that I can rest now. But the fate has something else planned. I’m not done yet.. As I sit I’m reminded of my works in the room and things i forgot to do in the day. Cursing more building energy. I wake up with sore feet. I prepare food. But even more exhausted by the end of it that there is not patience to eat. Gobbling the food. The bed seems like heaven. Thud! I fall on it ….. And I can’t recall the next day when I fell asleep but that was an amazing sleep. A sleep with no dreams or nightmares…… Zzzzzzzzz Sleep tight amigos
❤ Sai 


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