Love hurts


Trusting someone,letting guard down, you let them love you 
And fall in love. 
The Honeymoon phase 
Ah!Everything seems so amazing. 
Everything forgotten. 
But alas!
It is not forever.
It is never lasts. 
Personalities, egos & thoughts, 
Venture into picture perfect life.
pushes love deep into the ditch.
Harder you try to love 
But deep down into the maze its lost.
Trying to refresh,
but it ain't a computer,
The end is close.
And its finally called off.
Everything ends.
It damages you, 
Damages you bad
You lose faith and trust.
Days pass by,
Up and ready once again to conquer the world,
Guard is up again,
Steady and Stronger more,
Better safe than regret.
Want love,
But No! Never letting this guard down again
Colder than ever and walls so high
Cannot be breached 
A changed person,
Gone is the lovable girl/boy
It will never be the same again.  

<3 Sai


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