Around the world in eighty days

Amusing title “Around the world in Eighty day – Jules Verne” is classic that ventured upon me a few days back. The title was intriguing and caught my eyes the minute I happen to glance it on my friend’s table. I just had to read this book  ,it wouldn’t stray away from the various other thoughts that process in my head. At first, a lot of questions crossed this tiny brain which hasn’t much insight on the crazy world we live in. How is it possible to go around the world in such a short time? How would the person exactly explore, discover and enjoy the beauty of this world in 2 months 20 days? This seemed like the book written in the 1800’s or 1700’s. How would a person achieve such feet in an era where transport to other worlds has just began? And finally the most mind-boggling question of all – Why would someone want to do this?

The answer to the last question might be simpler than expected. Some would say – ‘ It’s a book and its all about the fantasy and imagination.’ But has someone actually succeeded in proving this out-of-the-mind imagination. Perseverance can make an imagination reality.

So when I moved to the next segment which is actually reading the book, it was filled with suspense and a learning curve. History has always been an interesting art . Some might disagree with me calling it as the art. I strongly comply on the word though. Art is an image with unrealistic yet skill full imagination of vivid colours and methods. History is similar to any living being in the future. All we can do is imagine  from the facts available to us. Fun, Isn’t it?

As the reading proceeded, it did amaze me with how the life at 1800’s was . You can read all the history from different books but it still is hard to picture the life of people. This book definitely helped me imagine the life of the era. How fascinating! I have to admit!

The ruthless cool determination of mister Phileas Fogg  will not fail to amaze anyone. I found him to be a curious guy. Throughout the book , until the very end to be precise,you learn something new about him. Still unsure of his character traits, I guess that’s exactly the reason the book kept me on my toes until the very end. 🙂

Let’s talk about the journey now….

According to the book the estimation of the travel was:

London to Suez ———————— 07 days

Suez to Bombay————————- 13 days

Bombay to Calcutta——————– 03 days

Calcutta to Hong Kong ————— 13 days

Hong Kong to Yokohama ———— 06 days

Yokohama to San Francisco ——– 22 days

San Francisco to New York ——— 07 days

New York to London ——————- 09 days


 Well that’s 80 days alright ,considering this travel was supposed to happen in 1800’s where the transport was mostly by rail and steamers. It’s an amazing feat to beat all odds against the nature and the various riots for rights and power (an era in which it was common).  The same route in this century can probably be reached in 3 days (not considering the waiting time at airports and delays due to weather or malfunction). How very peculiar isn’t it!! We have improved so much in our technology.

Mr. Phileas Fogg  with his faithful servant(yet troublesome most of time :D) makes the journey with not a remorse curiosity to explore the country he lands ,pushes through all means to win his bet. So what did he gain with the grand crazy travel…Nothing is all we can think of… But he found something so pure and amazing.. “LOVE”. Everyday we run in this rat race along with the world facing every danger that comes our way to find “Love”. It can be love and longing for a person or a thing that is of value for us (only us alone). Simple yet so complicated to achieve. For which every single one of us strive so hard until the end of our lives.


Makes me wonder, Would I ever consider travelling this world without feeling and exploring the country I just landed in?  Maybe a question for all of us to think and draw answers… 😉 Let me know if you know the answer for it. 

❤ Sai

Image: penguin books, google